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The platter of culture: the cultural variety of india

When it comes to the music and movies of India hardly any other country can ever throw a challenge, except maybe for the United States in the amount of diversity that is served on a platter here. When it comes to the context of movies and India’s so called soft power, many people may have a preconceived notion about Bollywood being the only film industry which involves a lot of larger than life elements. However in India there is a lot of cultural difference when it comes to the movies, music and even dancing forms.

Priyanka Chopra performing at 18th Annual Colors Screen Awards 2012

Photo: Wikipedia Commons


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Spicing up Indian cuisine

When it comes to the context of the Indian cuisine, you will certainly get a lot of variety served up on your platter. Though it is more of a general notion that Indian cuisine is a spicy and hot affair! Yet there are certain other varieties that are there which believe in using not so fiery spices and make for a delicious affair.

Chicken tikka

Chicken tikka

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A trip of bromance: a fun trip to Digha with friends.

It was one of those unplanned trips that just take place on the spur of a moment. The trip was to get away from the monotony of the sapping work life. We decided to take a trip on the sea shores that can be accessed locally from the city of joy. That, well, everybody’s guess is Digha; and it was.

Braving the sea. Photo credti: Mitrajit Biswas

Braving the waves and boulders. Photo credit: Mitrajit Biswas

Tipped on the shore of East Midnapore, it’s a three-and-half-hour train journey from Kolkata. As for the train journey, if you want to pull back and have a nice cup of tea at the relaxed disposition, then a reservation is a must. I took the liberty of not going for reservations along with my band of cousin brothers. The typical guy thing. Then you are on the way in a general train compartment where finding a seat is like gold dust, which we could muster with much hullabaloo. And then you are in the wind (pun intended) along with a plethora of hawkers, excited low budget travelers and even Eunuchs asking for money with their choicest words. (more…)

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The postcard swap project

A while ago, Pocket Cultures managing editor Lucy organized a postcard swap and many contributors joined in. the idea was to send a postcard of pour hometown or country. Since I don’t live in a touristy part of town, and Dallas is not that touristy anyway, I couldn’t find any postcards. So I decided to make my own, all except one. I cut up images that represent Dallas and Texas and pasted them on a piece of card.

I went to a Kinko’s to mail them instead of the post office. The shop assistant was young enough to be my son. He picked up one postcard, turned it around in his hand and asked what it was. “It’s a postcard,” I said. “Oh, really? Cool!” “I guess you’re too young for those.”

I got one postcard from Marie from New Zealand with a cool looking Gandalf stamp. Kia ora, Marie! (more…)

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Picture Postcards: Reading the newspaper in India

Today’s literacy-related photo was sent in by our contributor in India, Anu. She says:

I clicked this one at a wedding I attended recently. the kid in the centre is my son and next to him are two of his cousins. and the one reading over their shoulder is a cousin of ours. it just illustrates the continuing importance of newspapers in our day to day life, at least in India. Even in the hustle of a wedding, they looked around for a newspaper and pored over it.. in case you are wondering what they were so absorbed in, it is the only game which brings out the best and worst in us – Cricket!! the IPL tournament was on, and all of them were eager to know the scores!!!

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Picture Postcards: Street scene in Shimla, India

Today’s street scene was sent in by our contributor in India, Anu, who describes it as a, “Sunday Market… It’s sunday, and shops in Shimla are closed. And yet, it’s market day, and every inch of space on the road is taken over by locals, selling their wares… from clothes to books, everything is available here. This is a common sight in most towns across India. “

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