Isn’t it funny to see how  foreign brands, when coming to shores of different culture like India, adapt themselves to suit the local needs? They also make themselves the household brand names, be it Nokia or Pepsi in India, saying “Youngistaan Meri Jaan” (the power & dreams of our youth drives the nation). Imagine this American brand turning itself into Desi products, which we are readily accepting as it shows how much we have broken the barriers of culture.

Even the new Cadbury, another famous international brand, portrays this when they show a foreigner lost amidst the cultural gap as he comes down to India on official work but finds himself the next moment sharing happiness together with a box of Cadbury’s chocolates in Diwali celebration in India. Truly it shows the era of Cultural Hostility is finally over, as now we are embracing cultures with the so called Cross Cultural Framework.

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About the author

Mitrajit is from Kolkata in West Bengal, India and has also lived in Greece and Bhutan. He graduated in Marketing from Calcutta University and is interested in sports and its impact on the economy.