Lying in the cozy serene atmosphere of the border of West Bengal- Bangladesh, it is one of the most enthralling places to travel to. One of the natural UNESCO heritage sites shared by both India and Bangladesh, it is a brilliant place to travel to enjoy the natural pristine beauty of the mangrove forests.

Photo credit: Sunderbans National Park

It only takes around three and half hours from Kolkata to reach the Indian side. Immerse yourself in the beautiful  surroundings as you enter the natural park. The sign board will send shivers down your spine as it reads “This is our land (read tigers),kindly do not disturb us”

Home to the beautiful yet savage world renowned Royal Bengal tigers, along with the mix of the culture of the local fishermen and the honey collectors, it makes for a fascinating mix. To travel and take in the delights you can take a chartered cruise which will go right between the connecting water links of Sunderbans.

Find the crocodiles lining up the waters and if you are lucky enough you should be able to find the elusive Royal Bengal tiger. It is one of the most enthralling experiences to have at least one glance at the man-eating tiger that has devoured many and is a part of the folklore there.

So are you ready to take up the challenge?


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