It was one of those unplanned trips that just take place on the spur of a moment. The trip was to get away from the monotony of the sapping work life. We decided to take a trip on the sea shores that can be accessed locally from the city of joy. That, well, everybody’s guess is Digha; and it was.

Braving the sea. Photo credti: Mitrajit Biswas
Braving the waves and boulders. Photo credit: Mitrajit Biswas

Tipped on the shore of East Midnapore, it’s a three-and-half-hour train journey from Kolkata. As for the train journey, if you want to pull back and have a nice cup of tea at the relaxed disposition, then a reservation is a must. I took the liberty of not going for reservations along with my band of cousin brothers. The typical guy thing. Then you are on the way in a general train compartment where finding a seat is like gold dust, which we could muster with much hullabaloo. And then you are in the wind (pun intended) along with a plethora of hawkers, excited low budget travelers and even Eunuchs asking for money with their choicest words.

If you can make it exciting like the Tony Stark Fun vee, then after that bit with some bonding you share with fellow passengers for a while, you reach the much awaited station. Then there is the usual scene outside of the Indian tourist scene where all the cabbies, rickshaw pullers and even agents wait to grab ahold of the so-called innocent tourists. If you can wrestle and show your skills of negotiation then you are out of that jeopardy.

Our band of brothers took the walking route for the hotel which we were looking to book a room from on spot! After our road trek for half an hour in New Digha, which is on the right side of the station, a sharp divide with Digha on the left side, we finally sneaked up on Hotel Tokyo Inn. Looks can be deceptive and so can be names, don’t expect a scent of Tokyo Drift or even the recent Wolverine movie-based hospitality inspired in the namesake city. The inn nevertheless was aptly clean and suited our standards as, after all, it was just a getaway trip. However, travelers who are planning a trip with family may take the precaution of prebooking accommodation.

Then came our moment of defiance, despite my mother’s strict warning about not wetting our pants (literally) by getting into the murky waters of the dangerous Bay of Bengal at Digha. Though we did the opposite and my heart was racing, as Digha is really not the place to enjoy a sea bath as the boulders make it risky to both get in and out of the water. Injuries and drowning are common place. Also the insane monsoon weather in which we ventured makes it even more challenging, though the so-called sea adventurers or drunk junks make for the splash as did we.

As for the food, it’s really worth every imaginable budget, though a bit skewed on the higher side as one may deem in a tourist spot. We asked for a non-veg thali, which cost us about 100 bucks and was worth it. The taste buds will be delighted.

Late in the evening you can enjoy those dreamy walks with the sea wind gusting. Food from the shores in all local varieties is available on a platter to delight you. As for alcohol, it flows but don’t dare to do it on a beach as in Bondi beach, or else you are in trouble with the cops.

We had to be back at the hotel by 10:30 according to the hotel rules and your personal norms. Wandering in the dimly lit streets too late is not advisable. You can venture out though for a quick visit to the Marine Aquarium free of cost and experience the underwater life or go to Old Digha or vice versa for a change. If you have more time, then Shankarpur or Mandarmoni, depending on your budget, is advised

We returned via road to see the alternate way by travelling on a bus. It was a tiring trip unlike the train journey. It took us 5 hours and a severe headache back here, though we experienced a new journey on the road. A stop at Kolaghata gives you a chance to replenish your supplies, especially if you’re hungry. Then, it’s all the way back to home sweet home.

Digha is a place to relax your mind, especially with a bunch of friends. To stay out of trouble, don’t booze much if you’re not like me, who relies on chocolate milk for energy. Stay away from both pimps and sexual fantasies from the prostitutes who loom large in the bulging and upcoming flesh industry coming up. Rest is like Tony Stark’s so called Fun Vee near the Sea!


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Mitrajit is from Kolkata in West Bengal, India and has also lived in Greece and Bhutan. He graduated in Marketing from Calcutta University and is interested in sports and its impact on the economy.