While writing down on cultural events from my region I feel this is probably the apt time to write. Why? This is the time the festivities begin marked by Durga Pujas which is definitely the biggest Cultural phenomenon from East India, now turning into Global event thanks to large Bengali and Hindu Non Resident Indian communities spread all across the Globe. As for personal reference I know my uncle who lives in Canberra, Australia, along with other fellow Bengalis

Durga Mahisasuramardini (Wikipedia)

A real big fashion event is now this Durga pujas, where the real cosmopolitan word comes into play. Nearly every community in North and especially Eastern India joins in the celebration in the best attire, notwithstanding the difference in Budget, as even the struggling classes comes up in their best attire and join in the HALLELUJAH celebrations.

Coming to the biggest cultural event in this world, which surrounds the Hindu deity of Mother Goddess Durga, the business of cuisine steps up with people digging at delicious, or may I say so, experimental food. As the entire cultural entity of Bengalis revolve around Gourmet and pandal hopping, as they say in the best attires.

For the youngsters, it is more of a window to meet the best partners of the opposite gender, hoping that the cupid strikes. As for others, mostly the adult or elderly people, it is more of nostalgia where they cherish and garner their thoughts in a session of rendezvous.

Truly like in America, as it was once said, Durga pujas is one big melting pot of Ccultural identities, thoughts and desires into one joyful plate ready to be served.

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