A while ago, Pocket Cultures managing editor Lucy organized a postcard swap and many contributors joined in. the idea was to send a postcard of pour hometown or country. Since I don’t live in a touristy part of town, and Dallas is not that touristy anyway, I couldn’t find any postcards. So I decided to make my own, all except one. I cut up images that represent Dallas and Texas and pasted them on a piece of card.

I went to a Kinko’s to mail them instead of the post office. The shop assistant was young enough to be my son. He picked up one postcard, turned it around in his hand and asked what it was. “It’s a postcard,” I said. “Oh, really? Cool!” “I guess you’re too young for those.”

I got one postcard from Marie from New Zealand with a cool looking Gandalf stamp. Kia ora, Marie!

Marie's postcard

Anu sent one of a tightrope walker. The stamps commemorate the Dandi March. I must admit I had to look that up. This march, led by Gandhi, took place on March 12, 1930 and triggered the Civil Disobedience Movement that resulted in the independence of India. Thanks to Anu’s postcard, I learned something new.

LeX sent a beautiful postcard from the Black Forest in Germany, where he currently lives.

Simona sent a big hug from Germany as well.

Thanks to this postcard exchange, I was able to learn a bit more about other fellow contributors. And, besides, it’s so nice to open your mailbox and see a letter or postcard addressed to you the old-fashioned way.


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