Last summer it seemed like Gangnam Style was everywhere. Here in Turkey the crazy dancer from Korea was on the tv, the radio, playing in the shopping mall. On Facebook I saw a Gangnam flash mob in Bishkek. My niece and nephew spent the summer holidays watching a Dutch remake which their dad decided was more child friendly.

Since music crosses borders so easily these days, it’s no surprise that many PocketCultures contributors are listening to something from another country. Others are listening to music from their own country. Read on to learn who is listening to what, and then tell us what you’re listening to.

Simona Morachioli (Italy / Germany)

Here is my obsession at the moment: Lana del Rey with “Young and Beautiful”. It is part of the Great Gatsby soundtrack (which was stunning, more stunning than the movie itself in my opinion).

Lana is American and I went to listen to her live a month ago here in Germany. She is even greater live than on radio.

Celia Emmelhainz (Kazakhstan)

One of my favorites is Feruza Jumaniyozova’s Kel Azizim, a bubbly song in Uzbek that translates to something like Come, my dear one!

You can see a Facebook fan page with more vids here.

Sandra Bettencourt (Portugal)

My recommendation is Gogol Bordello. I’m always listening to them, and I’d recommend “When Universes Collide” (although I’m a fan of every song), as it comments on social issues in Brazil, a very pertinent issue given recent news on protests and police violence in the Country.

Nuria Villalobos (Costa Rica)

I want to include a singer from Costa Rica. “Malpaís” is the name of the band, they are 100% Costa Rican and their songs are just great!!! They use the “marimba”, which is a typical instrument…and the lyrics are also beautiful, about our country. This song is “Como un pájaro” (like a bird)

Anuradha Shankar (India – Mumbai)

I love listening to old Hindi film songs, but right now I am listening to something rather new. This is the soundtrack of the Hindi film, Barfi, released last year. It has a sort of old world charm and feel to it, and both me and my son, love listening to this. We recently got ourselves a new ipod shuffle, and these were the first songs we uploaded!

Sean Oliver (Midwest USA)

Currently I’ve been listening to “Flosstradamus” “Roll-Up (Baauer Remix)”

Mitrajit Biswas (India – West Bengal)

Right now listening to soundtrack of Hans Zimmer from The Dark Knight Trilogy & Man of Steel. Getting goosebumps.

Carmen Cristal (Romania)

I‘ve discovered this singer from a link of a Facebook friend and made a passion for her special voice: Mariza from Portugal singing Fado at a concert in Lisbon, 2007. Her voice makes me feel a shiver down my spine.

Now it’s your turn: where in the world are you, and what are you listening to?

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