Sports is not only a gateway of recreation for many but if we look closely at it, then it also a mirror which reflects cultural aspirations.

East Bengal fans

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If we look at football clubs across the globe, we will find that most of them are in fact cultural representatives. Be it the rivalry of culture versus region culminating in the Glasgow Rangers and Celtic tour local rivarly of East Bengal and Mohun Bagan, which are sub cultural clashes of the Bengali community resulting in the formation of two professional Sports Clubs.

Similarly across England, the home of football, all the clubs carry behind them a cultural heritage like Manchester clubs representing the different cultural ethos. Move over to any part of the globe, and various sports clubs have garnered fan following and rivalry with others standing on the dimension of their local socio-cultural situation.

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Mitrajit is from Kolkata in West Bengal, India and has also lived in Greece and Bhutan. He graduated in Marketing from Calcutta University and is interested in sports and its impact on the economy.