Superheroes have always been the object of our obsessed fantasy but they also have impacted cultures since their inception.

Krrish (photo:
Krrish (photo:

Every superhero belonging to a distinct and definitive culture has brought in facets that are closely attributed to culture of a certain people and ever growing. Be it Superman, who came in with his so called distinctive and colured clothing and exuberant optimism of the USA back in the 1930′, to my favorite, Batman, representing the darker, Gothic and uncertain times when he was created reflecting the cultural mood of the US during World War II.

Not only US superhero or fantasy characters have also created their own cultural brand identity as icons. There are others like Harry Potter or even in India superheroes like Shaktimaan or Krrish.

The journey of superheroes is forever changing. As the socio-cultural system ever changes, superheroes adapt too, as did Captain America, reflecting the new American hope in today’s world; though he had been in comics since World War II or ,the nordic god of Thunder, who is now an American movie franchise of Marvel studios. Truly worth the superheroes weight.


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