Some of our contributors have been busy updating their personal blogs. Drop by and say hi!

DeeBee, our contributor from France, continues her series about stained glass windows found in Parisian churches. This time she goes to Saint-Séverin in the Latin Quarter.

“Today I would like to focus on the modern windows (here are five out of the seven windows) that adorn the walls of the ambulatory in Saint-Séverin, one of the oldest churches in the Latin Quarter.”

Liz, our contributor from Australia, features mouth-watering photos of Pakistani and Indian food that can be had in Enmore (Sydney)

“A Sydney stalwart for cheap Pakistani and Indian Eats, Faheem Fast Food has long been the go-to place for taxi drivers hailing from the subcontinent. It still is, but you’re also likely to see groups of 20-something Newtown dwellers pre or post bar crawl, families and assorted in the know spice lovers amongst the mix.”

Jenna, our contributor from Poland/Washington DC, finds a sense of community in the neighbourhoods of Washington DC.

“I love walking because it gives me time to observe, both minute details and grandiose observations. My biggest grandiose observation of D.C. thus far? Despite being the nation’s capital, abounding with stereotypes of out-of-touch politicians and grinding, inefficient bureaucracy, much of D.C. is actually quite locally- and community-oriented. “

Sandra, our contributor from Portugal, wrote a post about the Dutch city of Almere, where she currently lives. The photographs are stunning!

“Almere is the youngest city of The Netherlands. Situated in Flevoland, the most recent province of the country, its first house was finished in 1976. Named after the early medieval name of the Zuiderzee, this garden-city is now the 7th largest municipality in The Netherlands with 191,495 citizens (9 May 2011). Almere offers contemporary architecture, several parks, woods and lakes, an exciting cultural environment and a relaxing and balanced life.”

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