This is what some of our contributors have been up to in their personal blogs. Drop by and say hi!

Marcel, our contributor from Ireland and Berlin, describes how his move back to Berlin across Europe went.

“Crisscrossed Europe in a small and overloaded Japanese car, with the constant fear of getting crushed by my complete household whenever I brake too hard. Thankfully there was no snow and all ferries were running on schedule.”

Anu, our contributor from India, posted an interesting photo essay about images of the sky snapped from different means of transport.

I am back at last from my trip – the last one of 2011 and also the first one of 2012. I was accompanied throughout by some wonderful weather, the cyclone Thane throwing no hurdles in my path, just a lot of clouds and some rain to enliven our travel! “

Carmen, our contributor from Romania, shows a display of Christmas lights in the city of Bucharest.

DeeBee, our contributor from France, shows a pretty collection of modern shop signs inspired by medieval ones.

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