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The Lighter, Astana. Photo credit: Celia

Mike, our contributor from Japan, published  a post titled One of the 170 Species Called Jatropha Plants is on Okinawa (Photos)

“It’s always a pleasure to give readers some interesting facts about plants and flowers. So, I go to great lengths researching any new ones I capture with the camera. Here are a few photos of Jatropha hastata found in the 21 Century Forest Park.That’s in Nago City, Okinawa, Japan and the plants were photographed Mar 11, 2013.”
Marie, our contributing editor from New Zealand, published  “How my three year old helped me reconnect with tramping”
I find that it is when you are the busiest that you forget the things that once made you who you are. I’ve been busy since I came back from Japan in 2008 with finding suitable accommodation, dealing with the ridiculous, outdated and pointless bureaucracy involved in trying to adopt while living in New Zealand (a whole other post), looking for work, reinventing myself, raising a rambunctious toddler, researching new ways to stay afloat in this expensive country we live in, building new blogs, driving my son to and fro and also trying to fit in a bit of Mummy time.
Anu, our contributor from India, posted Skywatch Friday – Sights from my window
As the summer sun rages, I hide inside the house while Samhith makes the most of his summer vacations playing outside with his friends, unmindful of the heat. I have been busy though, for the last few weeks, and haven’t been able to write at all. Today, for Skywatch, are some images I clicked in these past few weeks… my only respite from the sun and the pending work.
Celia, our contributor from Kazakhstan, wrote Mix and match: the wild buildings of Astana
Many trav­el­ers who visit Astana are struck by the feel­ing of a Dubai on the Steppe, where flashy build­ings express the aspi­ra­tion of a nation. That is prob­a­bly over­sim­pli­fied — I’ll reflect more on Astana soon — but I it’s true that Kazakhstan’s cap­i­tal has under­gone rapid changes. Once an admin­is­tra­tive town, the city was trans­formed ten years ago when it was selected to be the new cap­i­tal city of rapidly-developing Kazakhstan.
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