Here’s our bi-weekly roundup of articles written by members of out team on their personal blogs. This week we take a virtual tour of the art in some Paris churches, take part in the Moon Festival in Japan, get pushed in Hong Kong and celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai. Happy reading!

Anu, our contributor from India, writes about the last day of Ganesh Chartuthi, a festival devoted to the Hindu god Ganesha. Although it was raining, devotees came out ion full force to celebrate their god.

“This year, the Lord arrived amidst pouring rains, and he decided to leave amidst pouring rains too! After a couple of dry days, the heavens seem to have opened up just for Him to leave! However, the enthusiasm has not abated…”

Ski, our contributor from Hong Kong, describes the trials and tribulations of passengers of public transport in Hong Kong and its pushing culture.

“A few hours ago, I was standing on the upper deck of a Hong Kong tram, barely able to move. My vision was mostly blocked by many sweaty bodies as well as strong arms which were clinging tightly to the tram handles for support. Nevertheless, through a small viewing frame, I managed to catch sight of shocked tourists who were being pushed around but were unable to express their anger in a common language.”

DeeBee, our contributor from France, created a photo essay on the stained glass windows found in Parisian churches from different historical periods.

“Stained glass art has existed since antiquity but it appeared in France about 1600 years ago when Christianity started to spread. It reached its peak during the Middle-Ages and is the oldest form of medieval art that survived so well the centuries.”

Mike, our contributor from Japan, also created a photo essay. His is about the 2011 Full Moon Festivall in his hometown of Kin Village, Okinawa.

“In Kin Village Okinawa, Japan they know how to do a Full Moon Festival.”

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