Language is dynamic and it tends to be true when the word ‘knickknack’ takes a form more appealing to Filipino ears. We have a word for that and it’s ‘anik-anik’, the stuff that we hold near and dear.

All of us, in one way or another, had a personal collection. It could be of stamps, toys, books, bottle caps, comics, insects, photos, paintings and even Care Bears.

It’s said that our favorite things can inspire or reflect what we think or prefer. It’s no longer about showing your friends to reveal yourself to others. It’s now: “Show me your ‘anik-anik’ and I’ll tell you who you are.”

With that, ask Filipino artists, directors, writers, designers and even an ice cream maker to show their Batcave/laboratory and one would come up with a truly unique blog: anik-anik love, a feature on creative spaces of talented Filipinos.

Illustrator Apol Sta. Maria and his wall.

Ice cream maker Ian Carandang's swords and anik-anik.

A signed copy of Pulp Fiction from filmmaker Quark Henares's collection.
National Artist F. Sionil José's place. His works are translated into 22 languages.
A spot in wedding photographers Randall & Ryan Dagooc's home.
The toy collection of the creative team of Acid House.
Cabinets of highly acclaimed writer and artist Gilda Cordero Fernando.

Photographer Mitch Mauricio is the lady behind this project. In an interview she said:

“I’ve always been interested in the creative mind and process — how does one artwork get from idea to completion, what inspires Filipino artists, how do they live or work.”

Mitch’s website has gained a strong following. It was nominated by an avid follower and it eventually won last year’s Philippine Blog Awards (Culture & Arts).

For more photos and feature interviews, check out her blog: and get inspired!

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