And Far Away has been going for so long (six and a half years to be exact) and covers so many topics that it’s difficult to summarise in a few paragraphs.

The author Roba Al-Assi was born in Amman, raised in Saudi Arabia and returned to Jordan to study. According to her About page, the blog began as ‘place to save ideas that motivate, inspire, or touch the imagination’, but it evolved into a way to meet and socialise with other bloggers from Jordan and beyond.

Those wondering about Amman can try 10 best Amman moments, the Sunny Art Fair, or Shopping the Ammani girl way, which also compares fashion in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Or, for food lovers there is Turkish coffee tasting or how to make the perfect ‘Arab style’ cheese sandwich.

Well I said this blog is diverse, and Roba also writes about blogging, ‘geek culture’ and social topics. If you prefer to look not read, check the huge archive of photo posts showing photos from March 2007 right up to the present day.

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