Julia Power and Barry Dawber are among the 7,000 British citizens permanently live in Fethiye, a city in the Turkish Riviera and one of Turkey’s well-known tourist centres. They came to travel around Turkey just for 6 months in 2003, instead they bought a house and settled in the Land of the Lights, or Telmessos, as Fethiye was known in the ancient times.

Fethiye in Winter

They have been blogging their day by day experiences on their blog Turkey’s For Life since 2009. In their own words, the blog “tries to focus on all of the many positive and great things about Fethiye and other parts of Turkey”. Blog’s topics include recommendations for places to see, eat and drink and things to do in Fethiye.

From time to time the couple share their impressions of their excursions to Istanbul, Antalya, Greek islands and other parts of Turkey. Occasionally they try some original Turkish recipes and share them on their blog.

The authors’ attention to detail in their surroundings results intriguing topics which even most Turks would read with interest. Turkey’s For Life is a useful source of information about Fethiye & local culture, for those who want to travel to Turkey or who are interested in Turkish culture.

Turkey’s for Life

Turkey’s For Life could also be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Photos courtesy of Turkey’s for Life.

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