Finding Berlin is the brainchild of Sara and Marcus, two twentysomethings living in Berlin. It is a two-part project that reflects on what makes the town you live in so special – when you are living there and when you are away. Both initiators have the advantage that their hometown is the quirky capital of Germany:

“finding Berlin is a casual tribute to one of the most fascinating places this world has to offer.

part 1 – seeing the city during the months of summer in 2010. little tidbits and stories while roaming the streets. interesting spots, amateur photography, an intimate diary in appreciation of the edgy capital.

part 2 – a round the world trip with a mission, starting on the 3rd of October 2010: one year in a quest to find a place even remotely equaling berlin’s diversity. bangkok – sydney – san francisco – mexico city – vancouver – new york – reykjavik – only a sample of the planned itinerary.”

This fascinating blog/website/travelogue not only provides a very private look at contemporary life in a European metropole, it is also one of the best examples of connecting words and visuals online that I’ve recently seen. I’ll keep on following the two around the globe and back to Berlin.

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About the author

Marcel is a German expat living in Ireland and working for an online company with a colourfull logo. He loves doing stuff with words, and did not go to school to learn this. He likes Heavy Metal and trains and dislikes many other things. He is so old he still buys CD’s, but has not yet caught up with the idea of becoming an adult.