Focused on the traditional Indian markets, especially from the southern part of India, “Indian Bazaars” struck a chord somewhere with me, evoking memories of innumerable such bazaar trips back in India. Kiran writes on the blog featuring a different bazaar (Hindi for market) each time – including arts, crafts, spices, fishes, flowers and antiques.

In Kiran’s words:

Craft and Spice Bazaars of rural India have often fascinated tourists from the western countries. However, I have been writing mostly about the simple selling spaces in urban India that people frequent for their day-to-day needs – whether it is vegetables, or flowers, or clothes or puja items.”

Indian Bazaar poses questions on various aspects of the market scene in India like “How do urban dwellers perceive bazaars? Are they still places that excite us?”. The blog describes the typical Indian market scene in a unique and compelling manner.

The post on Sassoon docks detailing the fish market in Mumbai and the nitty gritty aspects of shopping in India is a great place to start with!

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