Great places in Bulgaria is written by Katya, with the aim of providing “a truthful source of information about alternative travel opportunities in Bulgaria.”

If you’re planning a trip to Bulgaria this site could be useful – it’s full of suggestions on out of the way places to visit as well as practical tips for first time visitors. You can also read something about Bulgarian customs, such as this unusual way to celebrate New Year.

Katya in Bulgaria

We asked Katya some questions about Bulgaria, blogging and studying abroad (she has previously studied in the USA).

To start, please tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a student, a blogger, a wife, a sister, a daughter, employee and …. I think that’s pretty much it:)

Why did you start your blog and why this topic?

I started the blog out of pure desperation. I was in a bad period – I had quit my job, my plans for business fell apart, I did not know what I wanted to do. I figured I had lots of pictures and stories from all the places I have visited and I can put them together into something useful. I found out that there was not enough information in English about the travel opportunities in Bulgaria. There are tons of websites selling property or tourist packages, but no quality travel information.

In your opinion what are the top three places to visit in Bulgaria?

Number one – Rilla Mount Lakes; number two – the village of Trigrad and its caves; number three – the old town of Sozopol at the seaside.

What’s the best thing about living in Bulgaria?

The fact that it is a small piece of land but you have everything there – the mountains and the sea, the lakes, the rivers, the rocks, the caves. Also the people – most of them still haven’t fallen victim to the “glits and greeds” of the commercial spirit.

When you were studying abroad what did you miss from home?

I missed it all, but that does not mean I didn’t enjoy the US. On the contrary I loved it!

What did you like about the USA?

I had a great time in the US! I traveled a lot and experienced a lot. I love the variety of the US in every possible respect: nature, food, environment, people, entertainment, culture – you name it! Sometimes more than one can handle 🙂

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