DagoTiako means ‘I love Madagascar’. Written by Ariniaina, this blog is about social issues, culture and people of Madagascar.

Ariniaina’s favourite topic is her streets of Tana series (Tana is short for Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar).

Docteur de chaussures malades” by Ariniaina

In a post about the Malagasy New Year (celebrated on 16th March) she explains Malagasy traditions, and also admits that she would like to know more about her own culture.

Youngsters are fascinated to the ‘new culture’ that western countries are bringing. But this is not the only reason. Also, we lack books and documentation about our own history, culture and traditions. And the school programs don’t deal much on them

This blog is part of the Rising Voices FOKO project which aims to help Malagasy citizens to connect to the global conversation.

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