For those passionate about history Diana Mandache’s blog is a real gold mine. Diana lives in Bucharest now, but she “has worked and lived for many years in London“.

Being a “historian by profession“ and in possession of an impressive “collection of antique postcards, photographs, engravings and other documents on royalty subjects and also a voluminous library of reference books on the same subjects” and having a “special interest in Royal history” she has started Royal Romania – an interesting and complex weblog about Romanian Monarchy and Romanian Royal Family.

Romania was a kingdom until the 30th of December 1947; on that day King Michael was forced by the communists to abdicate and leave for exile together with the whole Royal Family. Only after 1990 they could return to Romania.

This blog is important at the same extent for specialists, Romanians and foreigners who want to find out about real Romanian history, too.

It has also a marvellous collection of photos and a long list of Royal Websites links.

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