In 2005 Liberia elected Africa’s first female president. The country may be best known for its civil war, but little by little things are changing.

Ceasefire Liberia is a blog about the real Liberia written by real Liberians – some are living in Liberia, some are living abroad (many in Staten Island, USA).

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Recommended reading is the post on Liberian reactions to the Vice guide to Liberia (a much debated travel series about Liberia).

Want to discover more of the real Liberia? Try A Star is Born, Liberia’s answer to Britain’s got Talent; or take a look at the soon to be reopened University of Liberia; or the newly released reconstruction plan for Liberia’s capital Monrovia City.

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Update: we’re planning a week of interviews with some of the Ceasefire Liberia bloggers. What would you like to know about Liberia? Tell us your questions.

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