Ugandan Insomniac is written by Tumwijuke, a 30-something journalist from Uganda.

Her thoughtful and often funny posts reflect on everything from her favourite Ugandan towns (in case you were wondering they are Mbale, Kabale, Arua, Fort Portal and Kisoro) to health care centres without doctors.

The other kind of market in Kampala: credit Teppo Soininen

The post about breakfast from the new 24/7 supermarket in Kampala is a revealing look at the conflicting emotions of wanting to embrace globalisation whilst keeping local traditions:

I want to sip outside a cafĂ© drinking ridiculously costly cups of coffee from Ecuador….. I want my coffee delivered to me in a huge tin cup covered with an old red plastic plate. I want it full of the creamiest milk with coffee plucked and roasted a few kilometers away.

It’s an interesting way to see life in a changing country.

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