Indonesia has a thriving blogosphere and many bloggers choose to write in Bahasa Indonesia, the main language of Indonesia. But Fatih Syuhud is on a mission to encourage Indonesian bloggers to write in English so that they can share Indonesian culture with the rest of the world.

He writes:

..for those who have a little bit mastery in English I keep encouraging them to use it as their blog lingua franca.

Not only will it benefit them one way or another, but also it would open the window for other cultures to know us–Indonesia as a a people, a nation as well as a country–a lot better.

On Blogger Indonesia Fatih writes about different aspects of being Indonesian, including Islam, using Facebook and giving up smoking.

Worth a look is the Blogger Indonesia of the Week series where Fatih reviews Indonesian bloggers who live all over the world. The series covers interesting points about Indonesian culture like how Indonesians only use one name and one Indonesian woman’s reasons for wearing a headscarf.


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