Ziboy is a Chinese photoblog by Beijing based photographer Wen Ling.

The blog shows photos of Chinese people in all kinds of everyday situations: at home, out at parties, on the street, laughing, working, talking, eating, smoking… It provides a window on life in China that many visitors do not see.

Photo: Friends, 2007.11.09 from Ziboy.com

The story of Ziboy is remarkable – inspired by New York photoblogs Wen Ling decided to set up one of his own in 2001. At the time he was not a professional photographer, in fact displaying his photos on Ziboy.com led to his first professional job.

Zeboy’s blog is more about photos than words, so for those interested in reading more about Wen Ling have a look at this 2003 interview by Sinosplice.

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