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Bronc riding (Ana)

LeX, our contributor from Malaysia, provides details of the World Premiere Electronic Music Festival in Seoul, South Korea.

Coming up the next hot modern festival, The World’s Premiere Electronic Music Festival which is going to be held in the Soul of Asia, Seoul South Korea on 3th to 4th August 2012. Over 40 of the planet’s most talented electronic musical master will be on the move to rock the stage with a little mixed of Korean flavour.

Mike, our contributor from Japan, published a photo essay entitled “Then and Now (Photos) The Statue of Toyoma Kyuzo”

Here is the statue of Toyama Kyuzo at it appears today. He was the man who convinced some of the first Okinawans to immigrate to Hawaii. That was way back in 1899.

Anu, our contributor from India, also published a photo essay about bulbuls, lovely songbirds that visit her garden every day.

I see Bulbuls every day……. These Red Whiskered Bulbuls come home to eat the food we put out for the birds….

Ana, our contributor from Argentina, wrote about her first visit to a professional rodeo on Texas.

We bought our tickets and walked around the arena to kill time until the start of the rodeo. There was a merry-go-round with real ponies, a couple of food stands, and a stand where you could have your fingerprints taken (never figured out what for), a cowboy boot and hat stand and a barbeque restaurant. At one end there was a pen holding a few bored steers.

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