Indian premier league is a plethora of culture. Each of the 9 teams that come from all across India represents a different set of cultures. Covering the entire length and breadth of the country, IPL has moved beyond cricket to be counted as a major platform for all the cultures across the country.

Royal Challengers Bangalore play Deccan Chargers in 2010 IPL

In the north from the Punjabi we have dhol and loud celebrations; and to the eastern part of the country we have Kolkata representing the oriental and the intellectual flavors. Truly it has provided the spectators with a convergence platform when the southern richness takes on the western bound mix of Maharastrian patriotism as well in the form of Mumbai and Pune.

IPL final in Maharastra, 2008

Therefore the Indian Premier League apart from spreading the richness of cricket is surely the greater canvas of promoting the culture.

Photo credits: louise, Sandflash

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