There is no doubt, in Italy, all parts of the peninsula, coffee is not only a good morning wish, but has gradually become part of a specific ritual: every Italian, since childhood, remembers the memory of the perfume of fresh-made (yet hot) coffee. But coffee for Italian people is not only part of the culture, there are many good reasons someone takes coffee or could invite you to have it together.

Firstly, having one is a sort of a no-strings date: if the boy or the girl you like asks you for such a break, it does not necessarily mean they have an interest in you. Yet, coffee is something informal but could be seen as a way of approaching the person you are interested in without seeming too involved, as the coffee break does not last long (Italian coffee is served in a little cup called tazzina) and this limited time may allow you to talk and get to know each other. That is why a coffee is a nice idea for a first date in Italy with someone, or for example for simply getting to know an Italian friend that you previously met on the web. Remember that if after coffee a dinner is what you are asked for, you are on your way to love (at least hopefully).

Secondly, coffee can help you concentrate on what you are doing. There is no scientific evidence of that, but it is proved that after having coffee many people manage to concentrate on their tasks better than what they previously did. Please notice that a “coffee effect” lasts for about 4 hours, so if you are thinking of having one after one that is not a good idea, as if you are not used to having the Italian one, you could find it very difficult to sleep afterwards.

Thirdly, coffee can help your digestion. Especially if taken with milk in the morning with biscuits, coffee is a precious fellow to digestion, and having one after an abundant meal could be a good idea too. On the other hand, it is important to remember to take it not far from meals, as it could cause you stomachaches. A good idea could be to add a few drops of milk if you are not having a cappuccino, and no sugar added if you are on a diet. In fact, coffee naturally lacks calories, and indeed the best way of enjoying it in an Italian bar is without whipped cream, as however you end up ingesting more calories than you were supposed to have during your break.

The fourth reason is that coffee is considered a precious natural remedy against headaches. More than once me and my friends had this experience of developing a terrible headache and suddenly “curing” it with simply having coffee. Obviously, there is not scientific evidence of  , and it may depend on what the ache is due to, but why not give it a try? Anyway, better avoid the one sold from vending machines, as it is not a real coffee, and provide yourself with a nice Italian moka and some Arabic quality powder just in case.

The fifth reason may vary on your attitude towards life, but personally a coffee always cheers me up. The problem is that it has to be very good, or at least a decent one, as I am used to a certain quality. I do not considered myself spoilt, but I do believe that any pleasure in life must be indeed a pleasant experience, and a little coffee macchiato, i.e. with a little foaming milk, is the best way yo enjoy life to me, obviously together with an old friend or  nice company.

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