Does food and dress only define a culture? In today’s modern world, which is becoming ever more globalised, newer dimensions are being attributed to the word culture all the time.

Today a country is not only attributed by its typically peculiar food or dressing habits as internet has penetrated the world over and the global fashion statement is now collected from worldwide elements. Today women in New York working in Vanuatu dress won’t raise eyebrows the least bit. The global brand or so called cultural marketing and branding is taking the definition of culture to a whole new level.

The Olympics today portray a country’s culture on a more lucid and visible scale as well much like food & dress or even more than that. The celebrations in London Olympics were not as same as we all expected that was in Beijing. This shows that these mega events are playing their key role. Cricket for example defines my country India much more nowadays than its traditional cultural features of Tandoori or Sari.

Goa is a state in India where you will find the typical flavor of a mixed culture where food and dress does define a culture – especially food. Through intermixing of food between the traditions typical of India and the Konkani people of Goa who have picked up the habits of the Portuguese, the cuisine of Goa now reflects it as such.

Goan fish curry

Similarly as from the state I belong which is West Bengal the typical tradition of the people coming from East Bengal or modern day Bangladesh like my ancestors has influenced the people who were originally from West Bengal through the intermixing of food and cooking though each has intermixed but still has maintained a separate existence of their own.

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Mitrajit is from Kolkata in West Bengal, India and has also lived in Greece and Bhutan. He graduated in Marketing from Calcutta University and is interested in sports and its impact on the economy.