The residents of big cities around the world, lead a busy, fast-paced life, which means that they don’t have the time to walk their dog and Buenos Aires is no exception. Besides, most people live in apartments and their dogs don’t have the space they need to run around and do what dogs do. Ato statistics, there are about a million dogs the city. What’s the solution to this?

Enter the professional dog walker.  They can be spotted in every park walking as many as ten or fifteen dogs, sometimes fewer than that. Some smart dog walkers actually ride a bike to give their charges a good workout and for their own convenience as well.

The local council has regulated this commercial activity. Each prospective dog walker has to join the dog walkers registry and are given a license that is valid for one year and which they have to carry with them at all times. At the beginning of every month, the dog walker must submit a list of his or her clients.

The rules state that the dog must be on a leash, the dog walker must pick up droppings, and the under no circumstance can the dogs be tied to trees, traffic lights, monuments and the like. There is a limit of eight dogs per walker but this is not always complied with.

The dog walkers of the city of Buenos Aires have their own Facebook page [Sp] too, where potential clients can find a suitable dog walker and where walkers interact.

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