Today we speak with Cecilia, born and raised in Milan, but currently living in Barcelona, Spain. Cecilia tells us about her experiences living everywhere from Spain to Bali, and why she is loving the Spanish lifestyle.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How would your friends or family describe you?

I’d like that my friends and family would describe me as a sensitive, reliable and sunny.

You are from Milan, but live in Barcelona and have also spent time in the US and Bali? Can you tell us a little about what inspired your move and desire to live in all these wonderful places?

I was born in Milan and I lived there for 24 years. At the moment I’m living in Barcelona, Spain, since July.

I’m studying in a master of translations in the Pompeu Fabra University. I really like Barcelona because is full of art and culture, and so multi ethnic. In this city there are also a lot of events and activities for young people. It’s amazing!!!

Two years ago I went to US to study English and to work like a babysitter in an American family. I looked after the two funny children and I learned a lot of English! I really liked this experience because I had the opportunity to know many people of different culture.

Last year I travelled to Bali, Indonesia, for two months because my ex  boy-friend was working there in a Diving company. It was the first time that I saw a place so different form my country.

At the beginning I was on holiday trying to find something to do and one day I read on internet an announcement of a family from US looking for a nanny and I immediately contacted them. It was what I wished!  I love children and I really enjoy to spend time with them. I knew the family and I began to work in their house looking after their so sweet 1, 5 old boy.

Tell us a bit about what culture you most identify with and why.

I identify more with Spanish culture than with the Italian one.  I really like the Spanish lifestyle. Spanish people are more relaxed than Italian people (I mean the northern part of Italy), the day is larger, lunch time is at 3pm and dinner time is at 9/10 pm.

What is the best part of living in your country? The worst?

I think that the best part to live in Italy is in the countryside of Tuscany. This place is so beautiful and quiet.

The worst I think is Milan, my city. It’s very grey, industrial and the people are quite cold.

What language or languages do you use on a day to day basis?

Here in Barcelona I speak Spanish with the majority of the people and Italian just with Italian friends who are living here and in Skype with my relatives and friends who are in Italy.

 Describe a favourite typical meal from your country

A typical meal of Milan is the “Cotoletta alla Milanese”.

It’s Veal cutlet coated in breadcrumbs. It is a typical dish cooked by grandmothers! So good!!!

About the author

Carrie is an American who just moved from Bali to Mendoza, Argentina. Carrie caught the wanderlust bug early on from her parents, who raised her in Mexico City. Carrie and her husband David have lived in New York, London, Barcelona, Costa Rica, Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, and Bali before moving to Mendoza. They are actively working to pass on the travel bug to their young son Timmy, who has already been to twelve countries.