We’ve got three lovely photos today! Our contributor, Ski, has sent in these snaps of some of the variety of transport options there are in Hong Kong. She’s also given us some great commentary!

Tram: These historical trams (since year 1904) certainly deserve a ride (or even more)! To get the best view, head directly to the upper deck and grab a seat/standing space near the windows. Be careful not to stick your head or arms out of the window. Watch out for incoming trams!This is one of the most affordable forms of transport in Hong Kong. Tip: Enter the tram from the back. You only need to pay when you alight.

Private Minibus: You see them in Hong Kong movies. I termed them as the F1 racers of Hong Kong. If you find yourself in one, please sit tight and buckle your seat belt (if any). They drive fast! Tip: If you realise the minibus you are in is not stopping, that is because they won’t, until someone requests to alight or to board. So you’ll need to be familiar with Hong Kong in order to inform the driver when it is time to get off the bus.

Taxi: Not many people in Hong Kong own a car. Most of us rely on public transport or the taxi. So the streets on Hong Kong are usually filled with these red cars! All taxis in Hong Kong go by the meter, so you don’t have to worry about exorbitant charges.


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