Recently I participated in an open day at Topoloveni Plum Jam Factory, in an anniversary moment: the company celebrated 10 years from takeover by purchasing the production units from Mrs Bibiana Stanciulov, a very energetic and determined woman,  which offered it the chance to continue Romanian jam manufacturing tradition after an old recipe from 1914.


The traditional preparation process consists of steaming the fruits during 10-12 hours, in boilers with double walls, under controlled temperature of up to 68 degrees Celsius.


The 10 years of efforts were rewarded by steady customer appreciation, awards and international recognition. Sweet-sour Topoloveni Plum Jam is the only product in the plant‘s portfolio whose traditional Romanian brand is protected by European Union through the certification of geographical indication and is considered by its producers “ an ambassador of the decent and wise Romania”.


Plum Jam Topoloveni was certified by the Institute of Food Research as a functional food (which helps maintain optimal health status), as is high in dietary fiber and pectic natural substances .

Manufacturers have other reasons for satisfaction too – their products were the only Romanian ones awarded the Superior Taste Award by Taste and Quality International Institute in Brussels (ITQI): Romanian Topoloveni plum jam, in 2010 and 2011, and black cherry jam and Topoloveana jam without added sugar and without preservatives, in 2011. The company is a supplier of the Royal House of Romania and holds a certificate of “trader NATO code”.

For those interested to see for themselves how plums are converted into consistent jam, 100% natural, no preservatives, no added sugar – journalists, politicians, local mayor and other guests –  it was an instructive visit. We had the chance to find out more about the production area but also to taste not only the plum jam, but also a range of mouth-watering cakes made with it.

And to hear a live version of Topoloveni Plum Jam anthem .


Do you know another jam to have its own anthem ?


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