Here’s our bi-weekly roundup of articles written by some members of our contributors team on their personal blogs. Happy reading!

LeX, our contributor from Malaysia, writes about the 10 festivals visitors to Korea shouldn’t miss this autumn. From the Icheon Ceramics Festival to the Andong Mask Dance Festival to the Gyeongju Traditional Drink & Rice Cake Festival, LeX provides interesting and useful information for visitors.

“After a hot steaming summer, autumn is on its way. The floras started to shrink back to its buds, some of the flowers may start to wilt and fall drop to prepare the coming of cold season. The tree of the leaves will start to turn into maple leaves where various attracting colours such yellow, orange, red maple leaves can be seen everywhere in Korea. So, what can you do if you want to visit Korea in this refreshing fall season? “

DeeBee, our contributor from France, shares stunning images of autumnal Paris.

“Nature is taking its autumnal colours. Ordinary brown, red and orange turn into warm shades of golden brown, bronze, gold, crimson, nasturtium, rust or saffron when the sun illuminates them.”

Carmen Cristal, our contributor from Romania, posted a lovely photo of two minstrels in a Bucharest street.

Anu, our contributor from India, describes the preparations for the upcoming Navaratri, the festival of nine nights. Follow her and her son as they get ready for this Southern Indian festival.

“Its time for yet another festival – one which gives me the maximum opportunity to use my creativity – Navaratri – the festival of nine nights. These nine nights (and days) are dedicated to the goddess in her myriad forms, and this festival is a celebration of not just the mother goddess, but also her creations. For us, South-Indians, Navaratri is a time for the Bommai Kolu (or Golu), a series of steps with dolls placed on them, and also a time for socialization.”
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