What do you know about Malaysia?

“I know Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia.” That is all you know? Alright, let me give you some hints! Many people are curious about the cultures of Malaysia. The three main races in Malaysia are Malay, Chinese, and Indian. You may wonder why there are three main races in Malaysia. What I would like to say is that this is the exclusive characteristic of Malaysia that cannot be found in other countries.

A variety of races in Malaysia result in a range of different cultures, foods, and tourist attractions. Below are some interviews with my foreign friends about what they think about Malaysia while they are travelling. Aren’t you eager to know what their feelings towards Malaysia are ? Enjoy!

1) Cultures

What has actually made Malaysia an amazing country? Cultures! Thanks to the colonization by British and the foundation of the independent ‘Merdeka’ of Malaysia which helped Malaysia to become a strong and unique country.

  • “You can enjoy the Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures and traditions all of them in one place.”-By Hendro, Indonesia
  • “I don’t think I need to go to India or China just to know  and see their culture since in Malaysia I can feel and touch the culture directly.”-By Ni, Indonesian Malaysia University Student
  • “When I went to the mosque in Putrajaya, I saw so many [types of ]dark skin and friendly smiles, regardless of race, just being together in a harmony, which resounded in my whole body.”- By Sharon, China
  • Needn’t go to India or China but tourists are still able to truly experience both of the cultures here.”- By Sharon, China

2) Hospitality, Friendliness

What do you understand about harmony? Even though Malaysians have many different cultures, beliefs, and traditions, they respect each other regardless of race and skin colour. Also, Malaysia is well-known for its hospitality as the education of Malaysia cultivates people to be generous and help anyone who needs assistance without hesitation.

The moment you arrive in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the benefit you will get if you travel in Malaysia is that most  people can speak English. So you needn’t feel frightened if you get lost in a bustling street or city and you don’t know a word of Malay.

Below are the impressions of some foreign friends about Malaysian hospitality .

  • “The seller who sells ‘Koey Tiao’ is very hospitable. They showed us their smile when they served our noodles and they could not recognize me as a foreigner.” -By Both, Cambodia
  • “When I went to Pulau Langkawi, the hotel’s waiter gave me a warm welcome then agreed to keep my luggage for me. When I left, he also held the baggage for me, didn’t change his attitude all along although I was not a resident of the hotel. It’s really impressive that Malaysians’ enthusiasm.” – By Sharon,China

3) Food Paradise

Sambal goreng sayur
Sambal goreng sayur

Photo by high over happy

When travelling to foreign countries,  the smell of delicious foods twists and spins in your nostrils and makes you hungry. Malaysia is also noted as a ‘Food Paradise’ where you can taste a diversity of delectable food at reasonable prices. You want Malay food, Chinese food or Indian food? Well, let’s see what our foreign friends recommend.

(a) Ba Kut Teh

  • “At Jalan Petaling China Town (Kuala Lumpur) “I couldn’t resist the aroma of Ba Kut Teh! The smell made me [feel] like a bird flying in the sky. The taste is amazing and if you are lucky, you may get some free ingredients.”- By Hendro, Indonesia

(b) MAMA stalls

MAMA stalls are located everywhere in Malaysia. ‘Mama’ in Malay means mother. In MAMA stalls, you can enjoy mainly Malay and Indian food. Since Malaysia is a multi-cultural country, you can see some people use their hands to eat instead of chopsticks or spoons. If you don’t feel comfortable eating with your hands, you can use a spoon.

  • “In Cambodia, we normally use chopsticks, spoon, or fork when eating, but in Malaysia, they somehow use their hands. I felt different way of enjoying my meal with my hands regarding to that experience.”-By Both, Cambodia

(c) Food Court

  • “The best I like in Malaysia is food court. My friend took me to a food market where many food carts form a circle. Each cart sells a different kind of food such as Char kuey teow, Curry mee, Asam laksa, Ice Kacang, Curry Mee, Chai Kuih, Tom Yam Maggi and Hokkien Mee. It was [so] delicious and cheap that I still remember all the foods’ names until now. If I have one more chance to [go] back to Malaysia, I will spend all [the] time to discover the charm of this dynamic and beautiful country.”-By Duy, Vietnam

4) Tourism

(a) Petronas Twin Towers (Capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur)

The Petronas Twin Towers consist of two 88 floor towers. They are also the tallest twin towers in the world. On 41st and 42nd floors, there is a skybridge between the two towers. The skybridge is open to all visitors, but are limited up to 1000 visitors per day.

In order to get the free tickets, many visitors come and reserve the tickets. Want to experience the feeling of standing up in the sky? Besides, the twin towers look extremely magnificent and sparkling at night. There are a lot of parks where you can stroll along and enjoy the night scene of Petronas Twin Towers with the ones you love.

  • “There are a lot of places to visit. From modern life style like the Petronas Twin Towers, until traditional place like China Town, Jalan Petaling.”- By Hendro, Indonesia
  • “I was really curious how Petronas Twin Tower looks like, how tall it is, how about its architecture. It was much more impressive than I thought.”-By Both, Cambodia


Petronas TowersPhoto: Oliver Laumann

(b) China Town, Petalling Jaya

  • “There are many kinds of Chinese food in China Town, especially “Ba Kut Teh” is really famous there. I believe Malaysia really represents Asia Culture, Truly Asia.”- By Hendro, Indonesia
  • ”If you’re a “piggish cat”, I’m sure you can’t be disappointed by Kuala Lumpur, because a variety of delicious food is waiting for you in the downtown, and they’re in the low prices. Every time after enjoying the food, the taste recalled my memories of my childhood.”- By Sharon, China

(c) Malacca

Malacca is one of the historical places in Malaysia from the British colonization . There, you have many chances to see the remaining British buildings and statues.

  • “Recently I went to Malacca and I found that this city is perfect because I could feel [a] different environment around here. Malacca is so historical and keeps a lot of memory not just for Malaysia but also its neighborhood. Enjoy the Malaysian culture!” ^^- By Ni, Indonesian Malaysia University Student

(d) Penang

  • “I could say Penang is such a place where you can truly enjoy Chinese and British Culture, MAMA stalls, local food & the charm of the people there.”
    – By Both, Cambodia

(e) Pulau Langkawi

Pulau Langkawi is an island which is well-known for the natural beauty of its beaches. Besides, it is a place where foreigners like to sunbathe  and enjoy a barbecue at night.

  • ”In the sunshine, the white beach, the blue beach and the green woods, that are in bright contrast and harmonious unity. Overlying the beach softly is likely to be in heaven.”- By Sharon, China

(f) Genting Highland

When Genting Highland is mentioned, most of the people think about gambling. YES!

It is the Heaven of Gambling in Malaysia. In addition, there are also outdoor and indoor theme parks which your kids will enjoy the most. Roller coasters, a ghost house, and bumper cars shouldn’t be missed. Feel the energy of Malaysia in Genting Highland!

  • “Genting Highland is where I could feel the people there were having a nightmare, some were pleasantly surprised, some were depressed, the world’s ugly performances revealed in the casino. It was entertaining and great.”- By Sharon, China

So, I believe now you already have a great picture about Malaysia. If you have time and plan for a vacation  somewhere, you can choose Malaysia as your destination since you can fly with a low cost airline, which is AirAsia airline. I can promise the price is much cheaper than you expect.

See you guys in Malaysia! Cheers!


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