No time to be bored in Bucharest this summer! The only problem is to have enough time (and sometimes money!) for all the interesting things that happen in our capital city.

For tourists looking to have fun in Bucharest, Bucharest inhabitants with no holiday money or highly monopolizing jobs, pensioners, children in the summer holiday, grandparents with grandchildren or any other interested person, Bucharest has something to offer. Festivals, concerts, sport events, workshops for children, good vibes and spirits, we had them all.

From the many events, I‘ve chosen for you a few representative examples:

So, there was Street Delivery, campaigning for a city where pedestrians are given the same importance as other road users and trying to determine the cultural authorities to create a pedestrian route in Arthur Verona Street area (City Center).

Therefore, for three days a year, Arthur Verona street close to cars and opens for people.

Street delivery in Bucharest
Bucharest - Street Delivery 2011 - Arthur Verona Street

Arthur Verona Street closed to traffic
Bucharest - Street Delivery 2011 - Arthur Verona Street

Masca (The Mask) Theatre invited us to the first edition of the International Living Statues Festival, between 10 and 13 of June, in one of most known parks in Bucharest, Herastrau.

Living Statues Festival
Bucharest - International Living Statues Festival 2011
Marilyn Monroe living statue
Bucharest - International Living Statues Festival 2011 - Marilyn Monroe

For six weeks, the National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti” becomes a favorite meeting and entertainment place for children who chose to attend the creative camp “Summer in the Village Street” . Under the guidance of masters coordinators, children learn, during creative workshops, crafts such as pottery, molding, wood carving, wooden icons, glass icons, drawing, painting, painted eggs, sewing, weaving, knitting textiles, jewelry, popular popular masks and dolls.

Also, children between 5 and 18 are invited to Creativity Workshop of the National Museum of Romanian Peasant, where passing time is more than computer and TV. The courses give free rein to imagination and creativity: photography, painting in various media, glass painting, modeling, manual paper workshop, ethnology lessons, stories, drawing, cutting, weaving, puppets and puppet theater, collage, textiles and others representing an attractive list of activities for children during summer holidays.

Via Sport project provides the opportunity to entertain people of Bucharest and also to make sport, in a specially designed space in a central area of Bucharest.

For four weekends, Kiseleff Boulevard is closed for traffic and turns into an unconventional location for leisure, where sport activities are organized: table tennis, tennis leg, badminton, basketball, fusbal, bicycle lanes. All accompanied by music and terraces for rest and relaxation. Via Sport is an alternative for those who gave up vacation this summer.

Via Sport on Kiseleff Boulevard
Bucharest - Via Sport on Kiseleff Boulevard 2011

For those who like to visit a city by foot, I recommend “Discover the city step by step”, a project by ARCEN that includes a guided tour addressed primarily to Bucharest inhabitants in order to encourage them to know the history of the city and to appreciate its historical and cultural heritage value. But, at the same time, it is open to all those interested by Bucharest history.

Discover Bucharest
Discover Bucharest Step by Step

Summer Music Season in Cismigiu Park concerts have become an event looked forward by many Bucharest people. The audience relax on the benches around the gazebo, humming or dancing and applauding performances every weekend.

Between 16 July and 4 September, Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for holiday atmosphere in Herastrau, Cişmigiu Sebastian and Moghioros Parks.

ArCuB (Center for Cultural Projects and the Department for Culture, Education & Tourism of Bucharest) organizes, in partnership with some of the district City Halls, the event Bucharest- Summer District.

During the event, in the mornings and evenings, you are invited to watch theatrical performances and attend outdoor concerts. Whether you prefer creations for children, comedy dell’Arte, Theatre of magic and classical performances, you can attend performances by known success artists of the theaters in Bucharest.

And  what would be a hot summer without rock ? In July, Bucharest had plenty of it !

Autumn is very promising too, if  we only mention the well known “George Enescu” International Festival – a delight for lovers of classical music!

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