In this post, I would like to share my backpacker experience with my friends. When I was a University student, there was a long holiday after we have our semester exam. Me and my friends usually plan a backpacker trip for our holiday. In our 5th semester, we travelled to a remote island called Sempu Island. Sempu Island is located in the Southern part of Java Island. If you have watched ‘The Beach’ movie, yeah, some people said the view is just like Phi phi Island. Ok, the story begins…

First, since we are studying in Bandung, that is in West Java, so we have to go to Malang, that is in East Java, by train. We are in the economic class, since we are doing backpacker trip not a vacation holiday. It was a long trip; we get to Kertosono train station in 15 hours. From Kertosono cwe ontinued to Malang in 6 hours trip. The total is 21 hours trip to Malang from Bandung. We have still not reached the Island yet, we still have to ride to Sindang Biru before we cross into Sempu Island by fishing boat.

fishing boat

After we reach the island, we still have to walk across the rain forest into the lagoon, which is where we make a camp. It was amazing forest, you can see hanging monkey over the trees. After 2 hours walk, we have reached the lagoon. It was amazing feeling, we say it ‘A Part of Heaven’.

a part of heaven

The lagoon is just like a hidden beach. Here is the picture how the water could fill the lagoon. It was the water of sea that is entering the lagoon by a hole of that edge of the island.

hidden lagoon

We stay there in 3 days, I can feel the peace, calm, and comfort there. We were eight friends altogether. Here we are.


In the third and last day there, we are out of water so we decide to go back home. As suggestion, if you want to stay there longer bring a lot of water supply. We are satisfied with the trip even it is only three days. Very good experience. I have to leave you Sempu. Maybe someday I can go back there. Anybody want to accompany me later? haha, we’ll see

beautiful island

Thanks God, you create this beautiful island for us.

About the author

Afif recently graduated and now works in IT in Jakarta, Indonesia. He would like to share his beautiful culture so that everybody will know how beautiful his country is.