Written by a group of journalism students from the University of Central Asia in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek Journal shows various faces of Kyrgystan’s capital city.

Chinara, one of the blog authors, said “I was really interested in writing stories about my city, so that other people could read them and want to visit Bishkek. Such kind of features represent the city in the other scope than travel agencies do. They show the real life, concerns of people and the uniqueness of Kyrgyz culture“.

Articles all have some kind of historical focus, for example artistic representations of Kyrgyz myths and the Manas village, built to celebrate the 1000 anniversary of the Manas epic.

Also interesting is the gap between Bishkek’s older generation, who have lived through hard times, and its young people, who have many of the interests of young people in other countries – clothes, entertainment and having fun.

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