In this week’s Urban Style Challenge, two very different cities compete: Almere (Netherlands) and Melbourne (Australia). Many thanks to our contributors Sandra and Rebecca for your great input!

What’s your city’s style?

Candid! UGGS! In Dublin - 01/2010 - Girls to enjoy!:)
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Almere Melbourne
Makeup A lot of eyeliner and a lot of foundation. Light, natural makeup is worn during the day, and eyes and lips are highlighted at night.


Long hair (blond if they are Dutch/ black if they are of different origin). Older ladies have very short hair (army style). Hair styles vary with long, short, coloured, braided, messy buns, top knots, pony tails, clipped and pinned…
Fashion trends Leggings; Uggs boots (also in the summer); high heels and miniskirts for going out. The changeable weather and clichéd “four seasons in one day” applies to Melbourne, so fashion trends are based on layering light clothes for comfort. This allows for a quick outfit change if the westerly winds blow through or the sun beats down on the city.

A pair of black leggings or tights are a core piece of most wardrobes and are layered with dresses and boots, cardigans, jackets and scarves.

Summer 2010-2011

Festivals – Knit singlets over bikini tops, paired with denim shorts and thongs (flip flops)

Day-to-night – Maxi dresses/skirts, sandals

Nails Fake nails. French manicure. Dark colours Mani-pedi places are popping up everywhere. And bolder often clashing colours are brightening up fingers and toes.
Colours Dark colours, especially in the winter Classic shades matched with brighter colours/ floral or animal prints.
Footwear Thongs (flip flops) are worn in summer. Havaianas are popular and most Aussies own a few pairs.

UGGs and boots are worn in winter, and ballet flats throughout autumn and spring. Flat shoes are favoured over heels and allow for a sprint undercover when it starts raining. Sensible Melburnian’s don’t leave home without an umbrella.

Jewellery Rings, earrings, piercings Novelty, retro or oversized – you need your sunnies (sunglasses) year-round in Melbourne.

Chunky bangles, long chains and statement rings are worn and Pandora and other charm bracelets are popular too.

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