Photographer. Writer. Designer. Skier. Cyclist. Camper. Outdoor Enthusiast. That’s Jeff Bartlett’s twitter bio.

And in this interview with PocketCultures, Jeff shared his thoughts on his freelance travel writing and photography.

Jeff, are you a self-taught photographer or was there someone or something that inspired your interest in photography?

I’m definitely not self-taught. I have a diploma in Journalism and Photography from Western Academy of Photography in British Columbia, Canada. I also recently completed MatadorU’s travel photography program. My initial interest came from time spent in the mountains. I’ve always been into hiking, skiing, and cycling and have had the opportunity to visit some amazing places. Photography was the best way to share these experiences with others.

You describe yourself as an “adventure photographer and writer”… what comes first, the picture or the story?

I just want to tell stories. If images alone cannot get the job done, I use my creative skills to add a literary link to complete it. I’m also working to include audio and video to my workflow to really cement the multimedia approach. All that aside, the still image will always be my favorite tool.

What has been the most surprising or most predictable reaction to your photos?

I’m always amazed that my work doesn’t suck. Photographers are notorious for harshly judging their own work and I am no exception. I’ve yet to reach a point where I’ll look at one of my images and be totally satisfied. Thankfully, instead of letting it discourage me, I use it as a reason to keep improving.


Tell us about cycling patagonia. How did that trip come about and what were your highlights, both personally and professionally?

It was actually my honeymoon. My wife, Romina, and I wanted to explore southern Argentina and Chile for our honeymoon and I suggested a cycle tour. Romina agreed, so we mapped out a route, bought some gear, and hit the road. After the fact, I managed to turn some of our experiences into a few published articles with Matador Trips and South American Explorers Magazine.

You have a number of creative outlets through your travel, photography and writing…What do you find to be the most fulfilling?

Photography. I love making pictures.

Where is your favourite place in the world to live and work as a
photographer? Why?

I certainly haven’t found my favorite place. I’ve spent the last three years moving back and forth between British Columbia and Mendoza, Argentina, while my wife finishes university. Our priority in 2011 is to find a place we’d like to call home. We’re not sure where it will be yet, but there will be mountains nearby.

Finally, what other projects are you working on right now and what are your future ambitions for your photography and writing?

I’m working on a few projects, but it is too early to reveal them. My ambition isn’t to make a bunch of money; I just want to keep my motivation and momentum moving forward and improve my craft.

All photos by Jeff Bartlett. Discover more about Jeff’s work on his website, or find him on Facebook and Flickr.

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