If you are visiting the Netherlands during the Winter, get ready to be treated to some of the best Dutch dishes – warm, delicious and nutritious. Here’s what the Dutch people savour during these cold months:

Stamppot : A traditional Dutch winter dish, Stamppot is a mish-mash of potatoes and vegetables like spinach, carrot, boerenkool (cabbage)  and onions. Translated as “stamped pot” or “mash pot”, the dish is sometimes served along with pieces of meat.

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Erwtensoep : One of the most popular dishes during the cold season, Erwtensoep (“pea soup”) is prepared from green split peas made into a thick stew with celery, onions, and potatoes. The soup is often served with rye bread. In case you do not wish to make it at home, you can buy a can of Erwtensoep from the supermarkets. The soup is also available at the small road-side food stalls during the winter season and is relished by locals and visitors alike.

Erwtensoep - Dutch Winter Treat
Photo Credit – Joris

Stroopwafels – Thin crispy wafers filled in with a warm sweet syrup, Stroopwafels (“Syrup wafers”) are one of my personal favourites during the Winters. If you walk along the busy streets and market areas in the Netherlands, you will easily notice stands serving Stroopwafels and several other Dutch delicacies.

Stroopwafels - Dutch Winter Treat
Photo Credit – Orangesplaash

Oliebollen : Claimed often as a not-so-healthy snack, Oliebollen (“oil balls”) are pleasantly delectable. They consist of small donut balls made by mixing flour, yeast, eggs, and milk. Visit any of the small eateries for delicious Olieballen coated with powdered sugar.

Oliebollen - Dutch Winter Treat
Photo Credit – Orangesplaash

Is it winter or summer where you are? What are your favourite dishes during this time of the year?

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