Way to Russia describes itself as an online travel guide, but it’s got a lot of insights into Russian culture as well. There’s a romantic story behind the site: it started after the founder (Dmitry) made a trip to Europe in 2000.

“During his trip Dmitry met a beautiful girl (Celine), who wanted to visit him back in Russia. She had to get the Russian visa, but it seemed nearly impossible then. Step by step we (Dmitry, Dan, and Celine) learned everything about the process and put all this information online, so that nobody runs into the same problem again”

Slowly they added more travel information as well as ‘super subjective and biased’ guides to Russian culture and people, including an introduction to Russia, interviews with ordinary Russians, and the enlightening Russian customs and traditions (which starts ‘There are certain peculiarities that only Russians have and it’s useful to know them’)

Maybe these guides are not to be taken too seriously, but they are a fun introduction to Russia, and as the authors point out, the ‘super-objective and dry’ Wikipedia is just a click away.

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