Why is this site called The Iceland Weather Report when it has nothing to do with the weather?

This is a question I get asked frequently, and indeed it does seem rather absurd to call a blog that deals mainly with Icelandic current affairs and politics The Iceland Weather Report. Surely something like The Iceland News Report or the Iceland Observer or even News From Iceland would seem a lot more logical [banality notwithstanding, ahem]

These are the words of Alda Sigmundsdottir, who runs the Iceland Weather Report from Reykjavik, a witty look at life and current affairs in Iceland. Especially when you are interested in background information about the collapse of the Icelandic economy (the so called kreppa) and its recovery (?) in the last two years, this is the place to go.

Unfortunately, Alda has recently decided to stop blogging, but nevertheless: this is one of the best independent sources about the meltdown of Iceland and the so-called “Kitchenware Revolution” of 2009. Alda has also published an e-book entitled “Living Inside the Meltdown”, providing more detailled information.

She also has a link to the Icelandic Met Office, in case you still want to know what the weather in Iceland is like.


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