One place that showcases the multi-cultural outlook of Rotterdam is the open market (open markt) situated in Binnenrotte, next to the Blaak railway station. Every Tuesday and Saturday, the Dutch as well as the city’s expat population head towards the market for their weekly shopping.

Open Market in Rotterdam
Fresh fruits and vegetables, anyone?

Photo Credit – Frerieke

With more than 450 stalls to choose from, the market offers almost everything – fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, dairy produce, exotic spices, antiques, clothes, flowers and Dutch souvenirs.

Open Market Rotterdam
Spices at the open market in Rotterdam

Photo Credit – Orangesplaash

Second hand goods are sold in a small section of the market, with another section completely dedicated to fabrics (mostly from India and other Asian countries). There are stalls focussed on a variety of Dutch cheese (kaas) like the famous Gouda kaas, Edam kaas and Maasdammer (cheese with holes) along with goat cheese, herb cheese, and some delicious cheese spreads.

In the middle of all this, there are plenty of stalls serving Dutch food like oliebollen and stroopwafels, as well as Turkish doner kebabs, Surinamese broodjes and Chinese rolls.

Open Market Rotterdam

Photo Credit – Nenyaki

The largest flea market in Rotterdam therefore offers a great opportunity to observe the city life while finding your way through some great bargains – the prices here are unbeatable.

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