Turkish desserts tend to be sweet and substantial and this one is no exception. Kemal Pasha dessert (kemalpaşa tatlısı in Turkish) is a speciality of Mustafakemalpaşa, a town in the province of Bursa in North-West Turkey.

The one in this photo is unusually big; normally a serving would consist of three smaller balls. Turkish friends say the best kemalpaşa tatlısı is still found in the town of Mustafakemalpaşa itself, made by a company called Güvenal.

The original version is made with fresh cheese – this part of Turkey is famous for dairy products. The dough is shaped into balls which are baked in the oven and then boiled in syrup. It’s usually served with a kind of thick cream called kaymak. Since I moved to Turkey, people often tell me I’m too skinny. Must be because I don’t eat enough of these!

According to Wikipedia, kemalpaşa tatlısı is a relative of the Pakistani dessert Gulab Jamun. What’s your opinion?

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