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Love it or hate it, I’m sure you’ve heard of the famous spread that us Aussies grow up on.

Maybe you’ve found yourself in a Marmite Vs. Vegemite debate, or been force-fed by an eager Aussie friend, keen to witness this life-changing moment.

For me, a drinking session with my Irish family was the perfect time to introduce them and we shared a plate of Vegemite sandwiches to the tune of “Down Under”.

Created from a yeast extract, this black spread (er, sounds delicious right?)  makes us all “happy little vegemites“.

Growing up as kids, we lived on Vegemite on toast for breakfast. We’d let the butter melt into our toast and a make a light scrape of Vegemite over the top. Mmm, lovely.

Last night, my new house mate mentioned that he also likes Vegemite on toast…with avocado. I’m not sure about this combo, but it got me thinking about the various ways you can eat it.

One of my pa’s favourite’s was Vegemite and butter on a Weetbix. One was enough, as two would leave lumps of wheaty flakes glued to the roof of your mouth.

Personally, I like Vegemite on toast with a slice of cheese on top. It has to be the real deal though – none of this Cheesymite rubbish.

So, how do you eat your Vegemite?

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After two years overseas discovering Irish family and foreign cultures, Rebecca has recently returned home to Melbourne. She was inspired to share Australian culture after getting exposure to how others live through her travels.