Iraq is still in the news a lot, but many reports have a military angle. How can we find different perspectives on what is happening there? One way is to look for blogs written by ordinary Iraqis.

Iraq used to have a very lively blogosphere and there were several blogs dedicated just to tracking its updates. Unfortunately there hasn’t been so much activity in the last year. Baghdad Dentist wrote an update during Ramadan this August:

“its early morning. we’ll have electricity for a while. im sitting on the dental chair with my laptop since there is neither a space in the clinic nor chairs to sit on. the employees took them out to the garden of the health centre because we didnt have electricity and the generator was broken. my colleagues are talking about clothes and shopping…the working hour now starts at 7:00 a.m. its very early though its good for us because the sun is burning and the temperature hits over 50c many times.”

Searching further, there are more blogs to be discovered. In Iraq, sex is like snow (not as racy as it sounds), juxtaposes a cheery post about Eid in Baghdad with a more sobering near-death experience.

And Touta of Fog el nakhal writes a compelling account of a chance meeting with some village children.

Can you recommend any more Iraqi bloggers? Tell us in the comments.

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