Eugenia Flynn is a 27 year old, Larrakia and Tiwi woman from the Northern Territory, Australia. She now lives in Adelaide, where she works as the General Manager of an Indigenous youth performing arts company, and writes about identity and culture.

She has a background in government policy development, in the areas of young people, Aboriginal health and economic disadvantage. Eugenia says:

“I like to write about the world we live in from the point-of-view of an Aboriginal Australian, Chinese, Muslim Female. I know that’s a lot of labels, but you should know that I refuse to be wholly defined by any of them.”

Eugenia is exploring her Muslim identity after converting to Islam 8 years ago and maintains a strong Chinese identity through the Teo Chew language group.

Her blog, Black Thoughts Live Here, is written in an honest, engaging and conversational style that challenges readers to examine their own views.

One popular post generating discussion is Why yes, I am a woman….. Here Eugenia shares her views on the hijab as “a reflection of my personal modesty…a beautiful expression and adornment of feminine beauty”. These notions of femininity are explored further as she examines the roles of men and women in Muslim culture.

Check out the biography section of her blog to read about her contribution to political and racial matters. Black Thoughts Live Here is an insightful blog to visit for a thought provoking read and a multi-cultural perspective of Australia.

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