Whatever Paul the octopus predicts for the FIFA World Cup final, in Spain, people have faith and want to believe in victory. We face serious political and economic issues. We are not sure of what the future will hold, we don’t know if we can trust our politicians and when and if the economic crisis will end. But we are sure we want to win. There are many mottos in Spain for this final football cup. One of them is “ยกPodemos!”, which reminds me of Obama’s “Yes, we can”.

The victory against Germany in the semi-finals lifted up our spirits. It was just a football match, but, it also was a victory against an economic superpower.

Spanish politicians do not work together to solve Spanish problems, so, it’s nice to see La Roja working as a team and controlling a situation and getting a good outcome. We could learn something of our football team and work together to beat the crisis. The Spanish team’s nickname, La Roja, La Furia Roja, sums up the spirit: Fire, passion. We can be rational again and focus on real life on Monday. Thanks to our football players for making us dream for a while.

Spanish celebrations in Mexico City. Credit

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Marta Garcia grew up in Barcelona, Spain, and has also studied in Belgium and the UK. She works as a professional translator, translating English, French and Italian into Spanish and Catalan.