We were exhilarating. Confidence of a winner. Positive bets. Brazilians had been breathless, now they became speechless. No words will ever describe the faces of dismay I experienced during the fatal game Brazil x the Netherlands. We had it all, great individual talents, guts, a tough coach. We missed it all when the emotional balance came into play. Robinho, our inspired player, scored first. The first half of the game was ours. However, the Netherlands started their moment of glory when Wesley Sneijder’s free kick turned our samba into dramatic, sad tunes of “oh, no”, “I can’t believe it”, “what are they doing?”, plus all the irresistible swearing coming from desperate fans’ mouths.

It seemed two different games, two different Brazilian teams, a haughty, self-confident one in the first half, a totally lost, zombie-like in the other. Hopelessness for us. The Dutch took control, more pragmatic, less emotional, they showed self-control; they deserved to win.

Brazilians were speechless. We cried. Too emotional to revert things when the moment was not favorable. Artistry soccer doesn’t win the game. Emotional balance and good soccer does.

Celebration is not green and yellow anymore. It is orange. We weep and wish for better results when we play at home in 2014, hoping that the lessons will be learned. The long-waited dream is postponed for more four years. Until then, we’ll have to leave with the taste of defeat, knowing that things could be different.

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